This is a small-batch, edition-of-66 (!) book put out by Johan Kugelberg of Boo-Hooray last year. It’s a short fanzine solely devoted to Crypt Records’ mountain-moving “Back From The Grave” series of 60s punk comps – which were not only my personal introduction to 60s garage punkers, but the standard-bearer for the form now and forevermore.

The Boo-Hooray ‘zine has a few interviews with Tim Warren (Crypt & BFTG mastermind) and a couple of pieces of hero worship by others. You may or may not know that Back From The Grave is coming out with 9th, 10th and 11th volumes later this year. There’s a big interview w/ Mr. Warren in the next issue of our own Dynamite Hemorrhage mag, coming out in about six weeks (or thereabouts), in which we discuss these new comps plus how the hell he’s able to track all these rare 60s gems down and even pay the surviving members of the bands who made ’em.

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