“It had this latent ignorant mentality, like fanzines used to be, like Touch & Go and other fanzines, purposely dumb, stupid and idiotic, but funny. So that’s where it came out of…”

YAK’UZ’Å, #6 1994 (cover)  DAVE MCGURGAN, Editor/Publisher


  • In recognition of Tom Lax’s sixth or seventh visit to Brian Turner’s WFMU radio show on Tuesday 8/26/14, we launch a celebration of Siltbreeze with what may be the earliest interview on record: Tom and Mac Sutherland, 1994 style.
  • 3/15/06 interview/overview by Brian Howard at Philadelphia City Paper: “It had never been Lax’s plan to start a label; photocopying 150 issues of a fanzine and pressing 1,500 vinyl records are quite different propositions. Lax’s grandmother had taken out an $800 life insurance policy on him, a policy he had the option keeping or cashing in. ‘That,’ says Lax, ‘is how I started Siltbreeze’.” 
  • VICE?  VICE. 7/23/08  Any bands you wished you’d never even emailed back and were shitheads to deal with?  TJ:Probably. To be honest, I can’t remember…No one’s really a problem and everybody is pretty easy to deal with this go-round. Local bands always have a tendency to be problematic, but I solved that issue by not having any. Again! Yet!”

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