I’m not sure if you were being serious when you said my band was banned from your show for having a stupid band name. I suspect, since you mispronounce “Biloxi,” you don’t know what it means. Biloxi is a city in Mississippi near New Orleans, where I live. It’s nickname is “the Buck City.” At least I didn’t rip off the same segment of the same Minutemen song from the intro from Maximumrockandroll Radio for the intro to my record. My question is: who gives a shit about how smart you think you are?

Hey Anonymous, thanks so much for writing. I tend to ignore bands with really ludicrous names like “Buck Biloxi and the Fucks” as they’re most usually meathead punk of the lowest order, but you folks transcend your unfortunate name and have been enthusiastically played a few times now. The MRR theme rip-off is very conscious, very deliberate and something I’ve yakked about on the show a few times. Alas, it’s not the Minutemen. Sorry!

You and I need to meet in Biloxi for some wild riverboat gambling and bury the goddamn hatchet. See you in the Buck City?

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