I made a new mix you might be interested in listening to on 8Tracks. It’s a smorgasbord of 17 tracks from the first 7 months of 2014, all favorites here at the DH home offices.

Track listing:

  1. THE NOTS – Fix
  2. ROACHCLIP – Cast of Clowns
  3. CCTV – Mind Control
  4. THE COOLIES – God Take Me
  5. PANG – Relax
  6. PROPER ORNAMENTS – Step Into The Cold
  7. MEN OH PAUSE – Concrete Woman
  8. PIECE WAR – Call On Me
  10. DARK MATTER – Dark Matter
  11. APACHE DROPOUT – Heavy Window
  12. WET BLANKETS – TV Suicide
  13. GOOD THROB – Double White Denim
  14. USELESS EATERS – Dungeon
  15. WOLF GIRL – Good for Nothing
  16. EASTLINK – What a Silly Day (Australia Day)
  17. TRICK MAMMOTH – Week End

Stream Cast of Clowns by DynamiteHemorrhage.

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