PIECE WAR Apathy lathe 10” (Epic Sweep, New Zealand – 2014)

  • If you look closely at the Piece War bandcamp screen shot above – under the “supported by” banner – the Piece War patron all the way to the left is tumblr’s very own Jay Hinman, he of Dynamite Hemorrhage, Agony Shorthand, Beer Samizdat, The Hedonist Jive and…Superdope! We stalk Jay as well as anyone (just like we do with urbankill and rockscissorsgun), regularly downloading his Dynamite Hemorrhage podcast the same way we use to mark up these yellowing zines with dots (have it) and checks (need it) and x’s (fuck that, throw it back) back in the days of ballpoint pens and paper. Nowadays we bookmark, you see, and bookmark we did in response to Dynamite Hemorrhage Episode #40!  (mr. goodbysunball beat us to the lathe too.)
  • Roaring out of the DH #40 gate was PIECE WAR, who we sorta knew from kissing up to and researching the new Coolies 7” three weeks ago, not to mention our deep appreciation for anything on Epic Sweep. But “Call On Me” was DH #40s second cut and WOW, were we pasted to the wall by the duo’s King Loser surf desperation…these two crack the bones of Chris Heazlewood but good. Shame on us for waiting so long to gnaw accordingly. Puts so much of that Burger Records finger sandwich food to shame.    

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