“…put these brotherly lovers on the top American craftsmen list because they’re hitting all the right smokestorm buttons, right now.”

SUPERDOPE #5 1992 (no page #) 

MONKEY 101 review by Jay Hinman, Editor

  • Jay may have written this ode to Monkey 101 22 years ago, but the “right now" part applies today, cuz they just posted their unreleased 1993 LP  + the Silbreeze and Papa Popov 7”!

"We met up with Paul and Bob outside the Philadelphia Record Exchange last August. Here’s what they had to say.

Tom Leader: You guys seem like some kind of enigma. Do you still play music?
Paul: Yes, I’ve been playing with my band Chino for the last ten years or so.
Bob: I have also.
TL: What do you think of the current music scene?
Bob: A bit like Manchester, England here.
Paul: I really like …
TL: Do you guys have an idea if you’ll be getting back together again soon?
Paul: Yes.
Bob: I would rather play than pay today.
TL: Do you have much contact with any of the bands that were around when you were playing?
Paul: I don’t talk to Sonic Youth that much anymore, you know the breakup, but I still am in contact with Norman Greenbaum.
Bob: We still talk to Ashtray.
TL: What was the last time you guys got together to write a song?
Paul: During the Fairport Convention era.
Bob: At least a couple of minutes ago.

The sky was beginning to set on South Street so we shook hands and talked to Jose.” 

Just listened to “transistor” a few weeks ago!

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