The Young Marble Giants have had little live experience. Apart from their occasional Cardiff gigs, four in London is their sum total. Onstage, they’re extremely static and a little po-faced. Alison sings with her hands in her pockets while the Moxham brothers loom gauntly on either side of her, each with a cigarette dangling from the corner of his mouth.

The effect is a cross between the casual and the terrified.

“We don’t move because we’re so scared,” explains Alison.

Stuart embellishes a little. “As well as that, it isn’t particularly dance music, it is minimal. I think we’re quite English in a way, very restrained.

“But some of our songs, like "Choci Loni,” are quite funny, and people don’t seem to realise—"

“It’s probably the way I sing them,” mutters Alison.

“— but if they’d all stand around and laugh, we’d be delighted.” concludes Stuart.

(New Musical Express, june 14, 1980)

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