SONIC’S RENDEZVOUS BAND article written by Steve Watson for Superdope #1, a fanzine I put out in 1991. Steve passed away yesterday, and it’s hit those who knew him pretty hard despite ample warning that his passing was coming.

Funny story about this one: Steve gave me his typewritten pages for the piece and I published it as is. I thought the ending was a little clunky, but good, and neither of us thought anything of it until we actually saw it in print. That’s when Steve realized he’d forgotten to give me the last couple of pages (!). We talked about putting “Part 2” in Superdope’s second issue, and somehow it never happened.

The flyers in the piece came from Steve’s personal collection; this was his favorite band while he was growing up in Michigan. Best wishes to him in the great beyond, and to all who knew him.

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