All Gone’s “Workers Comp” CS / 2013 / Sold Out

1.Roachclip – Not Enough [00:00-03:42]
2.Mean Bikini – Animal     [03:43-05:27]
3.The Lake Erie Psychosurfers – Improv # 1 [05:28-09:56]
4.K9 Sniffies – Tar Heel Blues [09:57-12:35]
5.The Bibs – Pure Evil [12:36-15:00]
6.Greymouth – Fake Beard [15:01-16:46]
7.Mole House – Fast Moving Cars [16:47-19:22]
8.The Offset Spectacles – Entering The Meat Grinder [19:23-29:31]

Download w/ split tracks

Roachclip (one of Heath Moerland’s 15,000 side projects) and Greymouth are your highlights but the whole tape is excellent. Four continents and six countries represented, varied stylistically, and all showcased in a half hour. You won’t find many limited run cassettes as ambitious in scope.

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