New show with a stunning array of berserk musical acts from about 1973 to the present – it’s Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #38, and I hope you choose to listen to it. The first track, a newer-than-new, skittering one-minute spastic artpunk jam from Northwest Indiana’s CCTV, will have you hooked for another hour – on this you shall mark my words

Other new bands in the mix this time include BATTY, HLEP, EASTLINK, GOOD THROB, PARQUET COURTS and DARK TIMES; I’ve also got some new reissues/unearthings from The Spies, X__X, Jack Ruby and Dadamah, plus a bunch of library material from the likes of The Minutemen, Clinic, Solger, Half Japanese (pictured), Union Carbide Productions and more. And if for some reason you enjoy this show, you’ll find comfort in the fact that there are 37 additional hours of Dynamite Hemorrhage programming that you’re free to download as well.

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Track listing:

CCTV – Mind Control
HLEP – Drunk Cop
THE MINUTEMEN – Afternoons
CLINIC – IPC Subeditors Dictate Our Youth
THE SPIES – Egyptian Bird Song
PARQUET COURTS – Sunbathing Animal
THE SPITS – Get Our Kicks
THE BEGUILED – Fire Rock (That Nagging Voice)
GOOD THROB – Acid House
X__X – No No
DADAMAH – Violet Stains Red
BATTY – Summoning Call
JACK RUBY – Bored Stiff
½ JAPANESE – Hey Laurie
WHITE FENCE – Growing Faith
DARK TIMES – Girl Hate
CRISIS – PC 1984
HECTOR – Wired Up
EASTLINK – What A Silly Day (Australia Day)

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