Only 4 more full days before I have to turn the ordering button off for Dynamite Hemorrhage #1….if you’d like to have one in your home, please order before next Monday 5/12 – thanks!


Dynamite Hemorrhage fanzine is available for sale – but only for about 10 more days, because I’m moving to Norway for the summer, and I don’t think they have mail service or envelopes there (and I’m not going to haul my last box of remaining ‘zines there to find out).

So if you’ve been considering getting our first issue for yourself or a loved one, now might be the time. I’ll take orders until May 11th, then I’ll disable the Paypal link until mid-August, when I return with a big blonde walrus ‘stache and a belly full of whale.

Order Dynamite Hemorrhage #1 here.

It includes:

– An in-depth interview with Chris D., Los Angeles-based punk rock earth-turner, who founded and fronted The Flesh Eaters; ran a pioneering record label called Upsetter; almost released the first Black Flag album; wrote dozens of reviews and helped to edit the seminal Slash magazine; put out his own fanzine with Exene, John Doe & Judith Bell; and much more – all before 1979 was finished. This interview focuses solely on that period of his career

– The first and only retrospective and posthumous interview with SALLY SKULL, a fantastic 1990s all-female Scottish band who made raw, jarring garage punk music with dollops of angularity and dirty pop hooks

– Mail interviews with SEX TIDE and HOUSEHOLD, two current bands working the circuit who happen to be two of Dynamite Hemorrhage’s very favorites

– Quickie interview with BONA DISH, a recently-resurrected early 80s UK countryside band who are poster children for the rough-hewn, spaced-out DIY sound that we’ve all come to worship from that era and country

– Big retrospective on 1980s and 1990s underground music fanzines (like Damp, Butt Rag, Dagger, Two Hundred Pound Underground etc.) by the editor of Fuckin’ Record Reviews blog

– 60-something record reviews written by Erika Elizabeth and Jay Hinman

– 15-something book reviews by Jay & Erika

– Advertisements from today’s top labels

Won’t you order one today?

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