You familiar with a site/tablet app called ISSUU? Turns out it’s a place for folks like you to publish their fanzines in digital form (for free), and they’re already gathering a pretty great collection of musical chaos from the past and present. To wit:

  • Gerard Cosloy’s CONFLICT #54, published “in honor” of this past SXSW
  • All the issues of a fantastic New Zealand music fanzine from the mid-80s called GARAGE
  • This one pictured here called TOO MANY CREEPS
  • The first FLIPSIDE
  • a whole bunch more from all aspects of underground publishing

I’ve got a hankering that this is going to be a blossoming hub of uploading and digital page-flipping. I might even put my own mag up here so you can read it on your iPads and whatnot.

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