Pardon me for wandering off the rock-n-roll reservation for this one, but I tend to do that sometimes. This scorching 60s “cumbia” from Columbia comes from a digital compilation of 45s that the ethnic music blog Shellachead put together in 2012 and posted a couple of months ago. Seriously, you can buy his entire comp for $1 here.

Shellachead then did the same thing for 2013 (“Recently Acquired 45s”) and posted it here – this one’s a “name your price” special!

David Murray is the guy behind this stuff, along with multiple excellent ethic 45rpm and 78rpm compilations on Dust-to-Digital. One of my favorites of his is the recent collection of 60s Yemenese singles, “Qat, Coffee and Qambus”, which you can stream here.

So when I’m not kicking out the jams with today’s young rockers, this is where I tend to spend my time. Other ethnic platters high in rotation of late include:

Back to our normal programming next time. Meanwhile, press the play button & unbuckle those pants for maximum movement.

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