A Dynamite Hemorrhage fanzine reader suggested recently via e-mail that I should try and track Kendra Smith (ex-Opal, Dream Syndicate) down and interview her for Issue #2.

I thought that was a fantastic idea, and I’m totally up for driving north from San Francisco and deep into the Humboldt County woods, if that’s where she’s residing these days, in order to get her story out to the people. If anyone knows how to reach her, or can be of any assistance in this urgent matter, please contact me via email at dynamiteh(at)outlook(dotcom).


Disappearing Act: A Kendra Smith Sampler, 1981-1998

In honor of that Paisley Underground revival happening soon, here’s a re-up of some out of print music from a lady who is almost certainly not going to make a surprise guest appearance. What I wrote the first time around:

It’s been well over a decade since Kendra Smith has been heard from, musically at least. If she’s mentioned at all these days, it’s usually as the co-founder of Opal, the band that would eventually morph (without Smith) into Mazzy Star. Or perhaps there was a flurry of interest when critics started mentioning Opal as a touchstone for blog faves Beach House. But for the most part, she’s been relegated to footnote status — and considering that almost all of the recordings she’s been involved in are long out of print, one imagines Kendra prefers it that way. But the music deserves to be heard! So I’ve put together a one disc compilation that stretches from one of her earliest recordings (a German language cover of the Velvets’ “All Tomorrow’s Parties”) to what I believe was her final live performance to date in 1998. In between, you’ll hear songs from The Dream Syndicate, Rainy Day and Opal, as well as some fantastic solo tunes. It all hangs together quite nicely, with plenty of the hazy, dreamlike sounds that Smith made her trademark. Enjoy! 

1. Alle Morgens Parties – Kendra Smith
2. Too Little Too Late – The Dream Syndicate
3. Flying On The Ground Is Wrong – Rainy Day
4. Grains of Sand – Opal
5. My Only Friend – Opal
6. Hear The Wind Blow – Opal
7. Indian Summer – Opal
8. Freight Train – Opal
9. Happy Nightmare Baby – Opal
10. She’s A Diamond – Opal
11. Magick Power – Opal 
12. Stars Are In Your Eyes – Kendra Smith & the Guild of Temporal Adventurers
13. She Brings The Rain – Kendra Smith & the Guild of Temporal Adventurers
14. Iridescent 31 – Kendra Smith & the Guild of Temporal Adventurers
15. Aurelia – Kendra Smith
16. In Your Head – Kendra Smith
17. Temporarily Lucy (live) – Kendra Smith
18. Lay This Body Down (live) – Kendra Smith 

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