Was surprised to see a copy of 8-TRACK MIND for sale the other day at Needles and Pens in San Francisco. I never got too worked up about 8-Track tape nostalgia, given that it’s easily the worst musical format of all time, so I’d never owned a copy of this 90s/00s fanzine before. That might have been a missed opportunity, because for a buck or two or whatever I paid for the new one, I got an edifying dose of a classic “fanzine” in every sense of the world.

Picked this one up because of a series of interesting think pieces about the resurgence of analog formats – LPs and cassettes primarily – and what the hell that means in 2013/14. It’s a real good set of reads. These are the true, unabashed defenders of the vinyl and tape faith, arguing their case with logic and passion – and now, with legion of twentysomethings and their buying habits to back them up.

I think you can probably get in touch with editor Russ Forster here and order one if you’d like.

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