The latest SAVAGE DAMAGE DIGEST, published out of the San Francisco Bay Area by one Cory Linstrum, has just been read cover to cover in our offices (actually on a plane from Oslo to San Francisco yesterday).

Terrific work by a true music obsessive. The cover story’s a deep dive into ‘77-’78, gear, the SF & LA punk scenes and more with guitarist Greg Ingraham from The Avengers. If I had a massive, unchecked ego, I’d tell you that it’s an excellent complement to our own interview with Chris D. of the Flesh Eaters that graces the cover of Dynamite Hemorrhage #1.

SAVAGE DAMAGE also has a probe into the career of Larry Wallis (Pink Fairies, Deviants etc.); a brief and fairly unrevealing piece w/ one of the McDonalds from Redd Kross; stuff on The Speedies and The Mechanics and a few others things I’ll admit I’m not too familiar with. And that’s good, for the mark of a great ‘zine is true navel-gazing obsessive-compulsive mania toward weird and ignored music. Kudos to Cory and the whole SDD team.

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