Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio returns in 2014 with a show so packed with hits that we had to exceed our 1-hour cutoff a little, so we hope you’ll forgive the extra 7 or 8 minutes here. We think it’s well worth your while to finish all 68 minutes, or else how would you be able to fully ingest outstanding new material from Octapgrape, the Ausmuteants (pictured here), Warm White, Veronica Falls, Blank Realm and Violent Change?

Or “library” material from The Fall, The Middle Class, Electric Manchakou, Boss Hog and Stiff Legged Sheep, among others? Take a listen and let us know what you think – and if you feel like giving it a rating in iTunes, we’d be quite obliged.

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Track listing:
BUNNYBRAINS – On The Floor Again
SALLY SKULL – The Running Kind
AUSMUTEANTS – Kicked In The Head
MIDDLE CLASS – Out of Vogue
THE SLEAZE – Splotch (On Something Clean)
STIFF LEGGED SHEEP – 19,000,000th Nervous Breakdown (apologies for a verbal miscue on this one; they relocated to SF in the late 80s, not late 90s)
COUNTER INTUITS – Sense of Urgency
WIRE – Outdoor Miner
CONTACT – Fascinated By Time
THE FALL – Tempo House
VIOLENT CHANGE – Word Around Town
VERONICA FALLS – Perpetual Motion
WARM WHITE – Wear My Clothes
BLANK REALM – Falling Down The Stairs
GAZE – So Early To Tell
BOSS HOG – Pete Shore
DEVIL DOGS – Twist and Burn
INHALANTS – Kolchak, The Night Stalker
OCTAGRAPE – Real Light

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