We’re packing and mailing Dynamite Hemorrhage fanzine #1 and shooting it out to all corners of the globe. Thanks to those who’ve ordered so far, and to those distributors and stores that have taken multiple copies. If you’re interested, here’s what’s in it:

  • A meaty interview with Chris D. (Flesh Eaters), focused solely on 1977-80 LA punk; Slash magazine; Upsetter Records and his band
  • Retrospective and interview with Sally Skull, 1994-97 all female, criminally forgotten low-fidelity Scottish garage/art/punk band
  • Interviews with Sex Tide and Household, two of today’s hottest young hitmakers
  • Interview with the fellas from Bona Dish, an early 80s UK DIY band who’ve recently surfaced again thanks to a reissue of their cassette material
  • A comprehensive piece by the editor of Fuckin’ Record Reviews blog on various obscure 80s/90s fanzines
  • 56 record reviews, with many penned by Expressway To Yr Skull’s Erika Elizabeth
  • 17 (lengthy) book reviews

It’s $7 plus shipping (alas, shipping being extremely expensive these days) to anywhere in the world. In the US, tack on an additional $2.50 for shipping; $5 in Canada; $9.70 for anywhere else on the planet. If that’s a little much for you, and/or if you’ve spurned old-school print in favor of digital, there is also a full-color tablet & computer version for only $4.99 that you can order right here.

Ordering information – via Paypal – is right here on the Dynamite Hemorrhage site. You can also go into Paypal directly and fire over your order to us at dynamiteh(at)outlook(dotcom). If you hate and don’t trust Paypal, get in touch and we can work it out.

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