Which one of these e-magazines for your tablet is not like the other?

DYNAMITE HEMORRHAGE fanzine #1 now available for iPad, Android and Kindle Fire tablets and for desktop/laptop computers, via Magzter!

There are two key advantages to reading our new fanzine this electronic way, as opposed to the print edition (which is probably still your better bet, since you can hold it in your hands, pass it around, let it “accumulate value"etc.):

  • The tablet edition is in full color throughout, not just the cover
  • The tablet edition is only $4.99, as opposed to $7 for the print edition

Hey, it’s an experiment on our end. I’m kind of blown away that Magzter even accepted it, and is retailing it next to Cosmo, BusinessWeek and so on.

If you’ve like to pre-order the DH #1 print version, which will be ready to ship by 12/31, come to our home page and click the Paypal link on the righthand side.

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