Dynamite Hemorrhage fanzine #1 is now at the printer – and if anyone’s interested, we’re currently taking pre-orders. It will be shipped before December 31st, as I’ll have these in my hands right after Xmas.

What’s in this 68-page magazine, you ask? Here’s what we (me, Erika Elizabeth and Fuckin’ Record Reviews) wrote for you:

  • Lengthy interview with Chris D. (Flesh Eaters), focused solely on 1977-80 LA punk; Slash magazine; Upsetter Records and his band
  • Retrospective and interview with Sally Skull, 1994-97 all female, criminally forgotten low-fidelity Scottish garage/art/punk band
  • Interviews with Sex Tide and Household, two of today’s hottest young hitmakers
  • Interview with the fellas from Bona Dish, an early 80s UK DIY band who’ve recently surfaced again thanks to a reissue of their cassette material
  • A comprehensive piece by the editor of Fuckin’ Record Reviews blog on various obscure 80s/90s fanzines
  • 56 record reviews
  • 17 (lengthy) book reviews

It’s $7 plus shipping to anywhere in the world. In the US, tack on an additional $2 for shipping; $3.50 in Canada; $5 for anywhere else on the planet. If that’s a little much for you, and/or if you’ve spurned old-school print in favor of digital, there should be a tablet edition available for a mere $5 in coming weeks.

Ordering information – via Paypal – is right here on the Dynamite Hemorrhage site. You can also go into Paypal directly and fire over your order to us at dynamiteh(at)outlook(dotcom). It’ll be at your doorstep within a couple of weeks.

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