SUPERDOPE #5 1993 (no page #)


  • There was this point in 1992 where the incipient Forced Exposure catalogue tilted toward gonzo psych obscurities, about four years before the website and prior to Jimmy’s conversion to outré 808 digitalis. Jay references this early turn in the header above. 
  • Aguaturbia  were easily one of the more exciting early rediscoveries of the era for former B.A.L.L. fans. As we all know, the late 6Ts/early 7Ts period has been mined quite extensively during the past twenty years, and much has been offered up in exhaustive legit reissue digit/vinyl formats. Our 1992 heads would swoon. 
  • What has Jay Hinman said about Superdope #5 since he published Superdope #5? From 2/24/11: “Finally, I find way more to cringe about in this issue than even in the earlier ones. I was getting cocky, with a fanzine that (a few dozen) people actually liked, and started writing a little over my head. I was just 25 years old, but should have known far better than to start cracking so many BANANAFISH-like dumbass in-jokes that I don’t even understand to this day. My credo at the time appeared to be, “If this line will make my friend Brett (or Doug, or Steve, or Grady, or Mitch, or whomever) laugh, then I’ll put it in there”. Other fanzines seemed to employ this trick, and perhaps at the time I thought it helped cultivate an air of mystery – like something I might want to get in on – but there are things in this one that would have made me just put the thing down and call the editor an insufferable bore. But it was a blast at the time, and perhaps you’ll like it better than I do.”
  • We L-U-V it!

Look out, Dynamite Hemorrhage is destroying the ecosphere and coming to a toilet seat near you. DECEMBER 2013!

…and lovers of intense fanzine dorkery and great writing should know that Fuckin’ Record Reviews contributed an excellent piece to our upcoming fanzine.

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