The Victims “Perth Is a Culture Shock” from All Loud on the Western Front (1989)

I’ve been listening to a lot of Jay Hinman’s Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio episodes while performing mindless, repetitive tasks for hours on end and it’s been great company. The above song by the Victims is one of many that stuck out. There’s almost too much in each episode to digest, but that just makes repeated listens enjoyable. If you’re burned out on jaded critics trying to argue the relevance of some flavor-of-the-month band, uneducated on your past and present garage rock, punk and post-punk, or just want to catch some new stuff, Dynamite Hemorrhage is your antidote. Jay’s one of the best filters for the oversaturation that is Music on the Internet: the man’s enthusiasm for really good songs that he really likes will set you straight. Why waste energy on music you don’t like?

The latest Dynamite Hemorrhage episode can be found here – you’ll note that if you scroll down, there are the previous 24 episodes available for download/stream. As if the man can’t stay busy enough, he’s also coming out with a printed fanzine in the near future – details here. Dive in!

The nicest thing that anyone has ever written, ever. Better still, it might even be true.

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