What’s going on with the Dynamite Hemorrhage fanzine #1, you ask? Oh, you didn’t know? Yeah, I’m working on a print fanzine that will come out in less than 2 months – wrapping up all writing, ads and such by 12/1, with layout and printing happening in December. There’s so much stuff in there I think we may top 60-70 pages, no joke. Some highlights:

  • An interview with Chris D. (Flesh Eaters, Slash Magazine, Upsetter Records etc.) on Los Angeles punk rock, circa 1977-80
  • The first comprehensive retrospective & posthumous interview with Sally Skull, amazingly raw all-female Scottish garage band 1994-98 (pictured above)
  • Interviews with current stellar bands Household and Sex Tide
  • An interview with Bona Dish, short-lived early 80s UK DIY band who’ve recently been unearthed
  • Lost female-fronted bands of the past three decades
  • A ton of record and book reviews
  • Advertisements from today’s hottest young record labels
  • more more more

Stay close for pre-ordering details if you’re interested. More info to be provided in this space shortly.

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