My best ideas for what to listen to and play on my own radio show/podcast are likely stolen from the curators and tastemakers of today whom I follow and listen to regularly. There are only a few who meet my exacting standards. Let’s meet them.

SECRET MEANING OF THINGS – A way-leftfield dose of 80s postpunk esoterica and 45rpm obscurities from Seattle’s streaming-only Hollow Earth Radio. I believe the DJ’s name is Brittnie Fuller, but she tends to lay pretty low and let her weirdo, “mutant sound” record collection do the talking for her.

WHATEVER HAPPENS NEXT – This one’s a little more difficult to get, since it’s not podcasted (yet), and requires that you listen online to KWTF’s stream on Tuesdays from 10-11pm Pacific. You’ll be glad you did. I’ve known host Chris Selvig since we were both better-looking, and his collection of psych, long avant-rambles, New Zealand noise and African jook jams will get you gazing at your navel and drooling with glee for the hour that it’s on. (Update! He’s started a SoundCloud account and is uploading his shows. DH’s patented passive-aggressive nagging gets results)

STONED OUT OF MY MIND – Whenever I need to know what the rawest, loudest and most gonzoid garage punk and straight-punk records sound like, I head over to this San Diego-based hour-long podcast and allow my ears to bleed profusely. Sure, “Debaser”’s bar for quality punk rock is set a little lower than mine, and at times his back-announcing very much lives up to his show’s name, but I find myself coming back repeatedly. Where else is one to discover The Sleaze and Hank Wood & The Hammerheads?

RIBBON AROUND A BOMB – I get the feeling the DJ La Lengua (pictured) might be running out of steam a little, since she’s only posting her shows once in a coon’s age. Maybe you should download like 30 of them right now and tie up the entire internet for hours, and she’ll get with the program again. It’d be good for you and good for humanity, since this KCSB alum (like me!) has superlative taste in female-fronted punk rock and postpunk, and a deep collection of oddities from around the world. Her on-air schtick is quite fetching and guaranteed to keep you listening for the next wild 45 or comp track from Kleenex, Sin 34 or Rutto.

EXPRESSWAY TO YOUR SKULL – I write about Erika Elizabeth’s show all the time, and she’s now the main other contributor to the forthcoming Dynamite Hemorrhage print ‘zine. So I’ll go light on the praise this time, for once. If you haven’t heard her WMUA show or new podcast, you need to.

If I’m missing any other fantastic shows, won’t you please do me and us all a favor and let me know about them?

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