She said she was gonna do it, and then she did it. Erika Elizabeth, the exceptionally knowledegable and savvy WMUA disc jockey who left Western Massachusetts for Portland, OR, now has put together her second digital radio show/podcast, which you can download over on her blog.

Her “Expressway To Yr Skull” show has been vital to my discovery of multiple bands and to my rejuvenation/reawakening to the whys and wherefores of raw, underground rock and roll music – especially of the more obscure pop and female-fronted DIY/punk stuff. And she breaks the news over on the recent post that she’ll be a prime contributor to the upcoming Dynamite Hemorrhage print fanzine, which is coming along pretty fine, actually. Go and download years & years of her shows here – you’ll get yourself muscially schooled & perhaps be a more interesting person as a result.

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