Blasting Bruce Russell’s fantastic rare New Zealand underground podcast. He really should have a regular radio show…

Originally broadcasted on Volcano Radio in Lyttelton, community radio – live and local – www.volcanoradio.co.nz


1. Alastair Galbraith & Graeme Jefferies Timebomb [Xpressway 7”, 1989]
2. The Builders America [no label 7”, 1982]
3. The Riptoids The Devil Paid a Visit [Onset/Offset 7”, 1985]
4. The Swingers Certain Sound [Ripper LP, 1979]
5. Herco Pilots NZ Rec [Rem 7”, 1982]
6. Naked Spots Dance Crescendo/Circle Moon [Sausage LP, 1980]
7. Playthings Coloured [no label 7”, 1981]
8. Life in the Fridge Exists Have You Checked the Children? [Sausage LP, 1980]
9. The Wasp Factory Steel Blue Sky [F-Star 7” 1986]
10. Toerag When the Moon is Strong [Onset/Offset 7”, 1985]
11. Fetus Productions Marvellous [no label LP, 1980]
12. Shoes This High Not Weighting [no label 7”, 1980]
13. George Henderson & Alastair Galbraith Maquarie Island [Turbulence box set, 1991]

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