I’ve made a new 8Tracks mix of some of the best rocknroll music from the past twelve months. I hope you’ll join me over there and listen to “REFLEX ON YOU”. It’s 17 of the most raw and exciting tracks from the year past, from wild sub-underground artpunk to garage noise to bent pop music. You’ll hear humdingers from Constant Mongrel, Priests and Spray Paint, among many others.

Track listing:

  2. PRIESTS – Radiation
  3. UV RACE – Life Park
  5. THE SLEAZE – Too Close To Home
  6. PARQUET COURTS – Smart Aleck Kid
  7. THE WIMPS – Hello Frustration
  8. SPRAY PAINT – Spock Fingers
  9. LANTERN – Strange Weather
  10. RAW PRAWN – None Left
  11. KELLY STOLTZ – Double Exposure
  12. PRISSY CLERKS – Death Wish
  13. WHITE FENCE – Trouble is Trouble Never Seen
  14. FREELOVE FENNER – Vicky’s Day
  15. COLLEEN GREEN – You’re So Cool
  16. BURNT ONES – Strawberry Tomb
  17. VERONICA FALLS – Timeless Melody

Stream the mix here – mobile or web is fine.

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