Swell Maps – Peel Sessions

Biggles [Richard Earl]: Guitar
Jowe Head [Stephen Bird]: Bass
Epic Soundtracks [Kevin Paul Godfrey]: Drums
Nikki Sudden [Adrian Nicholas Godfrey]: Guitar
Laura Logic: Saxophone on Vertical Slum, Forest Fire & Midget Submarines

Peel Session #1: 16 October 1978
1. Read About Seymour
2. Harmony In Your Bathroom
3. Full Moon In My Pocket/Blam/Full Moon Etc.
4. International Rescue

Peel Session #2: 15 May 1979
5. Vertical Slum
6. Forest Fire
7. Midget Submarines
8. Armadillo
9. Bandits One Five

Peel Session #3: 18 March 1980
10. Helicopter Spies/A Raincoat’s Room
11. Let’s Buy A Bridge
12. Bleep And Booster Come Round For Tea
13. Secret Island
14. Big Empty Field

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