PERE UBU certainly haven’t shied away from putting their archival material online, and there are some fantastic sets available for you to purchase here. I’ve had this tape for many years of their May 5th, 1976 show at The Mistake in Cleveland, Ohio – and it looks to me like it’s not something available online anywhere else.

If you believe this page, it may have only been their 7th show ever. Another recording from a month earlier at the exact same venue came out as the CD “The Shape of Things” – and it’s tremendous. As is this. It’s early, raw, primal Ubu inventing a blend of punk rock and modern art never before or since seen. Enjoy.

Download PERE UBU – Live at The Mistake, Cleveland, 5-5-76

Track Listing:

  1. Intro
  2. Heart of Darkness
  3. Cloud 149
  4. Street Waves
  5. Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo
  6. Life Stinks
  7. Final Solution
  8. Pushin’ Too Hard
  9. Over My Head

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