With the express written consent of Byron Coley and Chris D, I’m posting an outstanding, well-recorded 45 minutes of THE FLESH EATERS, practicing new and recent songs in 1983, right before they broke up. I’ve had this on tape for a number of years, and it’s a not only a ripping set of “heavy punk thunder from the lake of burning fire” (to coin a phrase), it’s a fascinating look into what the band might have evolved into had they continued. As it was, they’d hit their proverbial limits, and shortly after this, Chris D put together his acoustic “Time Stands Still” album before getting a full-blown band together again with his wife Julie Christensen, THE DIVINE HORSEMEN.

After a few well-oiled, blowout “Hard Road To Follow” numbers (their album which had come out earlier that year), you get to hear sketches of songs Chris later put out with other bands, like “All I Have” with Stone By Stone, and “Love Call” & “Stone By Stone” with The Divine Horsemen. Fantastic stuff. Download it and share your Flesh Eaters stories in the comments – because, alas, I never saw ‘em until they’d started up again seven years later.



1. Every Time I Call Your Name
2. Buried Treasure
3. Poison Arrow

4. Hard Road To Follow
5. Father of Lies
6. Louie Louie
7. All I Have

8. Down In The Ditch
9. Stone By Stone
10. Love Call

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