I got my first taste of the new WHITE FENCE release this morning on my way to work, and I think it hangs well with his/their other ones. This one’s called “Cyclops Reap”, and if you think I’m damning it w/ faint praise, there’s probably some truth to that. Every album Tim Presley has put out to date has a frustrating hit-to-miss ratio, and is instead all about “feel”, with rare high-quality explosions into the psychedelic ether.

This new one’s a little more countrified than past efforts, but in general you’re going to get what you expect – loops, cut-ups, Syd-style spaciness, English 70s countryside DIY folk-strum, and a British accent most fetching for a guy from LA. I say check it out, and see if you can get down with it. I’ll give it another go on my way home as well. This one’s the track that starts it out, “Chairs In The Dark”.

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