Hey, I got my act together and put together a new phony radio show/podcast for you this week, and it’s a brain eraser/mind blower/humdinger of a show, if you ask me. Quite a few new things to play for you this time, all clocking in at just a couple minutes more than an hour. You can stream it, you can download it – but most importantly, you can take a chance and potentially have the entire course of your life changed by it.

You’ll hear new stuff from EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS, GRASS WIDOW, THE BLIND SHAKE, CANDY HIGHWAY, VERONICA FALLS and more…..and some would-be “classics” and never-weres from The Blank-Its, Reversible Chords, Crack Und Ultra Eczema, Supercharger and many more.

Stream the show, or download it for later listening here.

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