I’d never even considered buying a bootleg anything before I found this tape, as a teenager, by THE CRAMPS in 1984 called “NY ‘79”. I felt pretty special at the time, like I had something super rare. Then when my Cramps-loving older cousin, whose music taste I idolized at the time, told me I was “rad” for having this and asked me to tape it for him ā€“ well, I was pretty on fire in my own head 29 years ago.

I digitized the whole thing for you ā€“ the live show that starts it off, and the studio demos that close it out. I made it all one continuous track (sorry), but you’ll want to listen to it in its entirety anyway. So no worries, right?

Some highlights include a killer studio version of “Weekend On Mars”, which is mostly known as a live song from the “Smell of Female”-era Cramps of the early 80s, and the amazing lead live song, “The Way I Walk”, a version that bests the studio version. Hope you enjoy it.

Download THE CRAMPS – “NY ’79” Bootleg tape

Track listing:

  1. The Way I Walk
  2. Everybody’s Moving
  3. Domino
  4. Rocket In My Pocket
  5. Human Fly
  6. Rockin’ Bones
  7. Teenage Werewolf
  8. Sunglasses After Dark
  9. Teenage Werewolf
  10. Twist & Shout
  11. Weekend on Mars
  12. Rockin’ Bones
  13. The Mad Daddy

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