I digitized a 1987 live tape I’ve had since, well, 1987 of THE LAZY COWGIRLS, live in Los Angeles at the Anti-Club on 2-15-87. This was a few months after I’d first been blown away by their live show, and the same year that I began going to every single one of their shows, whether it was two hours away in LA, six hours away in San Francisco or right in my then-hometown of Santa Barbara, CA. 

I saw them live for the first time in September 1986, and I remember my jaw thudding on the floor and my making a vow to follow them like a pilgrim for the next 3 years (mission accomplished). I missed this 2-15-87 show, I think, but our pal Eric Stone recorded it on a trusty handheld and let us dub off the tape. I’m not sure if I’m quite as impressed now, 26 years later, as I was then – I mean, “Green Acres” and “These Boots are Made for Walkin’”?? Please. Yet you can hear what a ballistic garage punk powerhouse they were, no question; absolutely one of the great live bands of their era. Just right-click to download the show.

Download THE LAZY COWGIRLS – Live at The Anti-Club, 2-15-87

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