Hey, don’t forget that you can listen to, AND DOWNLOAD, my hour-long radio show/podcast Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio, edition #9. 

Here’s what I said about the thing when I posted it the first time last week:

I’m back with the 9th edition of the Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio Show Podcast, a podcast that pretends it’s a live radio show but is really just a guy drinking a beer in his den, dragging files across his laptop’s screen, blathering into a mic and then calling it a podcast. It’s a big hour and ten minutes this time, with rare tracks from bands you’ve heard of (The Cramps, Guided By VoicesRoyal Trux and Giant Sand) along with buried gems from bands you haven’t (Liechtenstein, Mambo Taxi, The Girls and Family Curse). In between are bands that your friends have heard of, but that you haven’t: Sic Alps, King Tuff, Veronica Falls, Saccharine Trust, The Consumers, Gang Green, White Fence and many more.   

Download Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio Show Podcast #9   

Stream Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio Show Podcast on Soundcloud.

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