Listen Live to Ribbon Around a Bomb tonight…

I’m meeting and assisting DJ La Lengua for the first time tonight, as she’s graciously asked me over while she plays female-fronted punk rock on RADIO VALENCIA from 10pm-Midnight Pacific time tonight (that’s 1-3am on the US east coast, and a different time in other places). If all goes as planned it’ll be my first time on “real” radio since, yep, 1991 (as opposed to the phony radio I’m pumping out weekly now).

Since Ms. Lengua mostly plays 70s/80s punk on her show Ribbon Around a Bomb, I’ve prepared a set of obscure “90s punk” in which the XX chromosome rules. Listen online, via the Radio Valencia app – or via the podcast that’s sure to get posted in a week or two.

Listen Live to Ribbon Around a Bomb tonight…

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