You may have heard that there’s been a Southern California punk revivalist band fronted by Keith Morris the past couple years called OFF!. I’d done an excellent job keeping them off my radar until yesterday, despite seeing t-shirts and records with Raymond Pettibon artwork around. Keith Morris, Steve McDonald, punk band, 2012…..sure.

Yesterday Ben Ratliff had their album in his Best of 2012 list in the NY Times. I read a book about jazz by Ratliff once that I liked, and he did say the magic words with regard to OFF!’s record – “16 songs in 28 minutes”. Could it….could it be….could it be good? Nope, not really. I got about 7 or 8 tracks into the thing this morning via Spotify and that was more than enough. It’s a cut above “Wonderful”-era CIRCLE JERKS (wasn’t that on Combat Records or Metal Blade or something?), an attempt to recapture some 1979 Black Flag genie-in-a-bottle with lots of screaming in the patented “I’m-going-to-EXPLODE-I’VE-HAD-IT” style. 

Far be it for me to disparage a good attempt at creating aggressive and confrontational art at an advancing age, but I think I’ll probably have an equally rewarding cultural life without any more OFF! in it.

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