So This Is How Tumblr Works

I gained a ton of new followers for this blog over the past week thanks to one person (theheftyhideaway) taking a post I did months ago – an audio post of goofball 60s girl group song “Low Grades & High Fever” by Linda Laine – and reblogging it, with a note to her followers to “Forever reblog this song”. Well, gosh and golly. Thanks. They are doing so, and then so are their followers, and so on.

I guess it’s sort of like the Twitter “Follow Friday” thing, in which you’re randomly nominated to be love-bombed and your follower count jumps dramatically. I’m new to the norms and mores of Tumblr, so it was nice to get a positive lesson in how you folks do things. 98 followers and counting – onward to 100.

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