S-S Records did the universe a real service by taking an edition-of-200 1981 Belgian cassette tape, the “FM-BX Society Tape”, and converting it into vinyl last year. The tape was released by a Belgium-based radio station back then, and hidden on it were one of the great all-female, achingly raw, postpunk DIY bands of the day – UNIT 4 – although no one heard ‘em at the time. S-S made sure that we did, now, thirty years later.

The tape/LP has four UNIT 4 tracks on it, and they give Kleenex a decided run for some new ink to be spilled on great European punk & postpunk of the early 80s. Burning out and fading away after recording only four songs, and then having those songs “discovered” again by record nerds thirty years later, has a way of ensuring an unspoiled legacy. See what you think by listening to “Rules” here. All four of their songs are outstanding.

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