Dynamite Hemorrhage Needs Podcasting Help

I’m sure there’s a few of podcasters or smart tech/software folks out there who might be able to answer some questions for me. I have this idea: a Dynamite Hemorrhage music podcast that would sound essentially like a radio show. I’ll play songs, break in and do the back-announce, then play a few more songs. This would remove me from having to decamp to an actual radio studio. The “show” would be available when I want it to be, downloadable here on the Tumblr and wherever else I’m able to get away with distributing it.

Is this feasible? Here’s my wish list:

  1. Software for combining mp3s together into a “radio show” like format
  2. Voice recording software that I can run on a Mac w/ an auxiliary mic, and then intersperse into the music
  3. Ability to overlap tracks just as radio DJs do – as one starts to fade, a new one starts w/ no break in between
  4. Roll it all up into a 1-hour mp3 that I can call a podcast and deliver to the people

This may be very possible today. You yourself may do it. I’d love to know your thoughts – please contact me at thejayhinman(at)gmail(dot com). 

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