When I was 20 and 21 years old, I “interned” at SOUND CHOICE magazine, which was a large-circulation music magazine devoted to the obscure corners of cassette culture and independent music. Dave Ciaffardini, the editor, was a DJ on the same college radio station I was, and he was in need of someone to mail boxes, solicit ads and – and – jeez, I don’t even remember what I did there besides hijack promo copies of records I wanted. 

Ciaffardini was a very friendly guy who wanted to help mold me into a journalist/publisher, and to some extent he helped me along – giving me my first forum for written record reviews, which later led into me publishing my own fanzine. I’m not sure I would have let some 20 year old dum-dum write reviews for me, but there you go. Here’s one I wrote on The Flesh Eaters when their “greatest hits” collection came out on SST in 1988.

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