Curated Chaos from Ribbon Around a Bomb

Somehow found this site whilst frolicking around the internet & it’s now bookmarked for some deep divin’. Ribbon Around a Bomb is a burgeoning multimedia empire helmed by La Lengua, and she’s pretty rad across the board. Her radio show and podcast is 100% female-fronted punk rock, postpunk and no-wave noise, and I swear, I don’t know how these youngsters know so much about music these days, but goddamn it, they do, and they’re doing laps around us. She’s got a lot to teach me about the past & the present, and indeed all of us.

Moreover, Ribbon Around The Bomb website’s sort of a modern primer on past & present outsider art, music, photography and style. It’s a visual onslaught of photos, links, flyers and all sorts of underground ephemera. I’m just getting really acquainted with it right now. Wanted to make sure you had a chance to do so as well – download a couple of radio shows and get clicking right here.

Curated Chaos from Ribbon Around a Bomb

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