I missed most of the late 1990s Elephant 6 hullabaloo, having heard a couple of the bands in question. I dismissed some (Neutral Milk Hotel ā€“ gawd), sorta liked others (Olivia Tremor Control) and couldn’t be bothered to seek out the rest. That’s how I missed THE MINDERS, which is a goddamn shame. This Denver band were present at the creation of this mythical collective, and from what I’ve heard so far, their Big Star/Beatles/GBV-style pop was head and shoulders above the rest of the crew. You can hear for yourself here, on “Chatty Patty” from their posthumous Cul-de-Sacs and Dead Ends collection.

As is so often is the case, Erika Elizabeth from WMUA’s Expressway to Yr Skull radio show turned me on to this band, so big ups to her for doing so.

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