Flyer from 1994 “End of Rock” show with The Demolition Doll Rods, Monoshock and Icky Boyfriends, courtesy of Anthony Bedard’s Facebook page. Anthony, who headed up Past It Records, and I put this show on together (we also put out the Doll Rods first single). I actually couldn’t attend it, having been previously committed to some work-related trip to New Jersey or somewhere thereabouts.

My then-new girlfriend Rebecca, now my wife-of-14-years Rebecca, sold the merch at the Doll Rods table in my absence. Everyone we talked to said it was a ripping show, punctuated by Tom Guido, the Purple Onion’s L’enfant terrible, jumping onto the stage multiple times to interrupt the bands, a very common occurrence from the drunkest, worst club owner in history (who nonetheless ran a terrific club for a few years in the mid-90s).

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