This is a smoking early piece of Texas punk in the “KBD” style from a lost band called BOY PROBLEMS. I found it on a 7” bootleg comp I bought many years ago called “Sacred Cattle”, and if you believe what you read here, the track is not even called “Participation” at all, but rather “Precipitation”. 

I’d date it at about 1979 or 1980, tops. What do you think?

77 or 78. the band featured future members of huns and inserts, the former of which had a record out by 79. i don’t think either band formed until after boy problems were done

i know the ncm song was 81. i actually have a pdf somewhere with every ncm song and when/where they were recorded. there were a total of 20 or so, including alt-takes of some of the songs from the singles

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