Meet HISSEY MIYAKE. They’re not around anymore under that name – my sources tell me the two women in the band are now called GLOW – but whilst performing art-thump music under that name circa 2009-11, they put out a split single with a band called Terrible Truths, and have a quartet of original recording available for a mere $1 download fee on their Bandcamp page. This one’s on both releases, and is called “Ghosts”.

I liken this Australian act’s approach to that of the minimalist, post-no wave NYC bands playing places like Danceteria circa 1980. They’re about halfway between Pulsallama and Liquid Liquid, with squeaky female vocals and some obtuse lyrics. I’m totally grooving on the cut of their jib. Keep a lookout for GLOW stuff and please let me know if you find any.

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