I like APACHE DROPOUT most of the time, I do. I initially had them pegged on last year’s album as being in a Peter Laughner-fronts-a-60s-punk-band vein, but that might only be because their best song “Sylvia”, the one I really latched onto, somehow nailed both a 70s proto-punk feel, a 60s garage/bubblegum chorus, and a poppy, careless je ne sais quoi that I associate w/ Laughner and his ethos. 

Their new record’s all right. The cover’s maybe the worst of the year, I’m afraid. The whole concept of the “Bubblegum Graveyard” centers around the Archies, The DeFranco Family and whatnot coming back from the grave. It gets old quickly, but song to song it’s sorta fun. This is the lead track and the one I think I might remember a year from now.

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