April 10th, 2013

WIPE OUT fanzine #7 from 1992, published by Eric Friedl/Oblivian of the Oblivians.

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Music wordage and shareage - punks, pop, garage, freaks, proto-punkers and more.

Dynamite Hemorrhage #1 is also a 68-page print fanzine, with multiple interviews (Chris D./Flesh Eaters; Sally Skull; Household; Sex Tide; Bona Dish), 50+ record reviews and loads more. It's available via various online retailers and in stores. We're unable to sell it directly to you due to massive summer travel, but we'll be back mailing them out in August 2014 - with a 2nd issue due a couple of months later.

Dynamite Hemorrhage is also a bi-weekly podcast that you can subscribe to on iTunes.

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